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Very proud to announce that DGP Theatre Productions will present

SATAN VS GOD @satanvsgodplay for it's U.K. Digital Premiere at

C ARTS | C venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe @edfringe | the 2022 Wellington Fringe Festival February 18- March 12 | Brighton Fringe in England 06 May- 05 June | Manchester Fringe 01 July - 31 July | Sydney Fringe Festival 30 August- 2 October in Australia.

Running Time: 55mins

(Watch Online) 



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SVG Cast & Crew


Westside Gazette Article:

"Deaon Griffin-Pressley’s Satan vs God production sails to Edinburgh Festival in Scotland."


*The Spirit of Fringe*

The Derek Awards

"This fallen Angel is devilishly good!"

-Edinburgh Fringe (Scotland)








"Mesmerising, seductive and powerful… hauntingly beautiful… I’m blown away by the quality of the writing… Deaon is an electric performer… His words get under your skin and stay there."

-Brighton Fringe (England)


"Unsettling in the best of ways."

Edinburgh Fringe (England)


"...Epic Drama...we were allowed all the way into the guts of a performance something like a documentary chiselling its forceful concepts that roved around the conversation historical and accurate depiction...Satan’s plight to the greatest of detail, a success of skill, thought, revival and ruling. UNAFRAID.... Totally believable...No need for boundaries...his movement and act had in it a powerful sheerness that he managed to accomplish...."

-Brighton Fringe (England) 


"Griffin-Pressley's dynamic original take on the battle between good and evil."

-Brighton Fringe (England)


"...well adapted to film (cinematography and filming by Andrè Russell...Griffin-Pressley is also an animated performer with a genuinely luscious voice, both in speech and in song..."

- NZ Fringe (New Zealand)

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